DIY Scatter Tool (Solving Problems in Houdini)

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We get the question “why are you doing that setup this particular way?” reather often. As with most setups in Houdini there are many ways of building it. In this tutorial we’d like to go over different approaches of solving a very basic problem: Scattering debris on an object.

We solve the task using three different approaches: SOPs only, VOPs and VEX. While we’re at it we’ll talk about the pros & cons of each individual technique. Yet of course in the end it all comes down mostly to personal preference 🙂

Download Project File (.hipnc)

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  1. Issac Dhan

    Thanks a lot for sharing this. It really helps one to think in different ways to solve a problem.

  2. Thanks for your tutorials! I love when you explain every step you do instead of just feeding nodes without explanation like others tutorials do). Keep up the great job!

  3. Honey Khadem

    Why do you set up vector to -1 in all setups?
    Please explain
    I get the same result as yours if I set up vector to (0,1,0)


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