1. Hello! Fun tutorial! I’m trying to use this to make rendering objects of different sizes easier. For some reason, whenever I add the constraints to the camera, the geometry disappears from the render. Any ideas as to why? Thanks!

    • Hey Monika, what exactly do you mean by “disappearing”? Is the camera pointing into a different direction than your object? Or is your object so big that you’re running into camera clipping issues? Or does your object simply disappear from your viewport, regardless if you’re looking through the camera or not? Or is your object just visible in the viewport but disappears while rendering (In which case: What renderer are you using?)

      In any case: If you haven’t done so already, download the scenefile, import your object into the “Testfiles” geo node, wire it into the match size node and see if this makes a difference. Also inside the Cam Controller geo node make sure the convex hull sop is working correctly.

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