Modeling and Rendering a Quartz Crystal in Houdini 16

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When testing out a new render engine (or any tool that can do rendering), one of the typical objects I try to get a decent image of is a quartz crystal. In order to get that right, a rendering needs to contain effects such as dispersion, proper refractions and SSS. In this tutorial I’ll walk you through my first attempt to render a Quartz in Mantra in H16.

Download Project Files including AE comp file (.zip)

Resources on crystal shapes

This image on Wikipedia is a good overview of which basic geometric forms you can use to build a quartz using only those shapes and boolean operations.

This image from is quite similar but in english 🙂

If you’re brave and have Java installed and activated in your browser, this applet by the (german) museum of Crystals and Mathmatics (ain’t that great?!) gives a pretty good idea of how crystal shapes originate.

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