Nerd Rant 2.0 – Ep.7: Photogrammetry

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Nerd Rant

Manu dons his finest T-shirt, Mo is going all lumberjack, the audio offset still hasn’t been fixed and the guys discuss their experience turning photos into 3D meshes.

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  1. You talken abputzen Image Capture process. What about the LiDAR Scanner in an iPhone compared to image capture the classical way.

  2. Matthieu Robert

    There is another great photogrammetry soft : 3DF Zephyr from 3dflow, pretty fast with a lot of tools to edit your point clouds, and a great 149€ lite release, 500 max photos for each scan, which is ok for a lot of scenarios.
    I use it a lot, very robust. (I don’t work for them) !)

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