Render Houdini Particles with Blender CyclesX via Geometry Nodes

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Transferring data between DCCs is a cumbersome but necessary task. Particles are not yet supported via nodes inside of Blender for example and usually come in from somewhere else. In this tutorial Manuel shows you how to create a surface flow particle effect inside of SideFX Houdini and then import the particles to Blender for rendering. Instead of bringing in the geometry, which is straightforward using alembic, here we import the particles themselves with attributes. This yields a lot of flexibility inside of Blender as we end up with a procedural particle effect that can be further altered. The first part of the tutorial deals with creating the particles in Houdini, the second part explains how to recreate the attributes inside of Blender with Geometry Nodes.

Download the mesh

Download Project Files

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  2. Marcus Pettersson

    I’m trying to import the velocity attribute to blender to get motion blur. I’ve managed to get the velocity attribute and motion blur with the same method used in the video, but it looks completely off. The direction of the motion blur is mostly wrong and is completely straight. Has anyone tried this as well and gotten a good result?

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