Houdini Tutorial: Melting Things using FLIP

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Learn how to turn any object into molten lava by adapting one of Houdini’s presets to liquify any geometry. Ben Watt’s tutorial that triggered Mo to look into this.

While we’re not talking about shading & rendering in here, we provide a scene file that’s been set up for rendering in Octane.

Download Project File (.zip)

Alternative Download (.zip)

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  1. Love it! What would be the best way to retain detail en the object?

    • Increasing the simulation’s resolution by decreasing the point separation 🙂
      Cheers, Mo

      • So this is the first project where I’ve been trying start to finish – I got the sim (using higher point separation) to where I was satisfied. I lowered it to .01 and went to cache it out. When it was finished (took like 6 hours, ouch) the sim was completely different, and actually my object was barely melting…only the top bit was really being affected. Does lowering the point separation typically effect the sim this much? Was under the impression you work at high point separation then lower when ready for final detail. But it completely changed the sim for me.

        • May be it’s because when you are lowering the point separation, you have a lot more particles, so the physics betwin them doesn’t react the same than with few points.

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