1. Hi,

    Thanks for the great mini-series. I would be interested to see if this setup could be brought into Solaris as a UsdSkel. Then use a crowd setup to create a forest, then use global wind animation vs local wind animation on each tree.

    A KineFX / Usd cross over tutorial.

  2. Edversicherung

    Thanks for the super interesting KineFX tutorials! Wanted to dive in there for a long time and finally did so-opens a whole new world inside houdini. Would be interesting to see some more mechanical rigging stuff like the robot exempel. Thanks and cheers!

    • Hey! I tried mechanical rigging in KineFX a couple of times and turned some of these attempts into tutorials (like the robot arm or both walker builds). But I think mechanical rigging isn’t one of the strong suits of KineFX yet, compared to the workflows found in more traditional rigging tools (for example like the one in Blender). This is however an area I’m quite interested in and you can expect a video about the topic as soon as we get good workflows to do so!

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