Exporting Alembics For Blender: A Few Hacks

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EDIT: Thanks so much for the many comments & hints! Josh Rizzo on Twitter pointed out I’m missing a few import options when loading in the alembic. Here’s how to import animated attributes without a deforming/animated mesh:
– Import Alembic
– Check “Set Frame Range” and “Is Sequence” options in import dialog
– After import, uncheck “Sequence” on the alembic’s Mesh Sequence Modifier
– Tadaa!

Thanks Josh 🙂

Mo struggles to bring over animated point attributes from Houdini into Blender. Resulting in a very (very!) hacky workflow. Please let us know in the comments that there’s a better way to pull this off! Also contains hints on grouping and building a mesh hierarchy when exporting from Houdini via alembic.

Download Project File

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  1. Hi.
    Tnx for attmeta found something now for my self 🙂

    It works without animating obj, but there is some issue or bug with that.
    It works when you use time remap. i remaped your project file and it`s works fine.

    here is example video with my workflow https://youtu.be/bZf4yThxk-I

  2. Lyubomir Popov

    “Set Frame Range” and “Is Sequence” didn’t work for me, however the following did:

    Object properties > Object settings > Object type > change from “Auto (experimental)” to “Reshapeable proxy”

  3. Great video, thank you!
    Do you know of any way to transfer point attributes from Houdini to Blender? I have a point cloud (modular buildings from OSM data) and would like to instance different objects inside Blender using the geo nodes. Loading the points and instancing geometry actually works inside Blender, but further information (rotation, names, groups) in order to set it up properly does not seem to carry over. The vertex color (which you could abuse to store some data) only seems to carry over ifyou have some “proper” geometry with primitives and vertices.

  4. Amazing and beautiful! Can something like this be used in Unity for VR output?
    I guess I will have to try! 🙂

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