Exporting Alembics For Blender: A Few Hacks

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EDIT: Thanks so much for the many comments & hints! Josh Rizzo on Twitter pointed out I’m missing a few import options when loading in the alembic. Here’s how to import animated attributes without a deforming/animated mesh:
– Import Alembic
– Check “Set Frame Range” and “Is Sequence” options in import dialog
– After import, uncheck “Sequence” on the alembic’s Mesh Sequence Modifier
– Tadaa!

Thanks Josh 🙂

Mo struggles to bring over animated point attributes from Houdini into Blender. Resulting in a very (very!) hacky workflow. Please let us know in the comments that there’s a better way to pull this off! Also contains hints on grouping and building a mesh hierarchy when exporting from Houdini via alembic.

Download Project File

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  1. Hi.
    Tnx for attmeta found something now for my self 🙂

    It works without animating obj, but there is some issue or bug with that.
    It works when you use time remap. i remaped your project file and it`s works fine.

    here is example video with my workflow https://youtu.be/bZf4yThxk-I

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