Nerd Rant 2.0 – Ep.2: Rendering in Houdini?

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Part of: Nerd Rant
Nerd Rant

We finally fixed our streaming setup, Manu had a haircut and the guys discuss if it is a good idea to render your projects in Houdini or if you should rather export to other tools.

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  1. Hi guys,
    great talk! Thank you so much. You nailed it so many times.

    One little thing:
    I`d like to mention “fbx” 🙂 (haha – didit)
    …. it is constantly saving my ass when it comes to transferring animation keys and cameras.

    Alembic was initially designed as a geo-streaming format for capturing and replaying skin deformations of characters – it`s not really a scene description format. FBX by far is not great, but until the new kid (usd) hasn`t grown up, I haven`t found a better alternative.

    Anyways, I love your rants. Can`t wait to see the next one.
    Cheers and Good bye,

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